Beatrix was born in Budapest, 1989. She started painting, drawing and sculpting as a child with her artist grandfather, then started again in her mid-twenties as a daily activity. She is 99% self-taught, working mainly with acrylic and pen. In the beginning she drew manually and coloured the pictures with Microsoft Paint, using a simple (trash) method to create less than accurate impressions of the daily inspirations. Her methods involuntarily evolved during the years, her pictures became more detailed and colourful, she started to colour her pen drawings with Photoshop, and after a while she started to paint withy acrylic.

She is interested in everyday conflicts and interactions, current moods and the different ways of perceiving/interpreting them. Thinking further about a situation pushes the subject towards the absurd and sometimes leads to chaotic scenes. She interprets her paintings as still life, focusing on the calm observation of a situation as an outsider.